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My paintings deal with the spiritual, otherworldly qualities of light in a landscape of the ideal. I explore these ideas using a rich palette and I am equally concerned with the presentation of a uniquely textured surface.


In my works I create delicate, glowing passages that illuminate the paintings from within. I intend these works to be considered as worlds isolated in space and time, each creating a mood conducive to contemplation. My paintings exist on the cusp of what is seen and what is felt. Densely worked, they afford the viewer an air of mystery in their relative ambiguity. Inherent in the works are the ideals of the immense, the intimate, the immanent and the eternal. In turn, a sense of the sacred is present in my paintings, the illumination drawing the viewer into the work.


In my works I am actualizing the ideal of the sacred in the finished art object. In addition to providing a subtle yet dynamic visual experience, my paintings offer the viewer an opportunity for contemplative experience as well. As one sees into the work, it becomes a silent vessel of introspection. The surface of the painting exists on the threshold of the corporeal and spiritual thus allowing the viewer to contemplate the landscape while simultaneously exploring the inner vista.

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